Take the goodness wherever you go.

It’s hard to think of when Cutie Pie® snack pies don’t make the perfect snack companion. Their fun-sized, 2-ounce portions make them the anytime, on-the-go snack. Pop them in the picnic basket, take them to the beach, the kids’ games, or in the car on family trips.

You simply can’t go wrong with Cutie Pie®. Delicious warmed up or eaten right out of the package, Cutie Pie® snack pies are great for lunch, after school treat or for Mom and Dad as a late night snack. (It’s okay, grown-ups are allowed to love Cutie Pie®, too.) And because they come in six delicious flavors, kids always enjoy a fresh, scrumptious treat. So wherever your family goes, don’t forget your Cutie Pie®!


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